A She Shack Blog? Why not!

Do you have a blog?

Y'all!  Can you imagine what my face looked like when I was asked that question? If you know me, you're probably already laughing because you know I'm not exactly the kind of person to organize anything....... not  my house, not my kitchen drawers, not the linen closet, and certainly not my thoughts! If you don't know me... well, picture my face looking like a cross between scared to death and ready to quite literally Laugh Out Loud!! 

A few days later, I thought about this question and thought, "Why not?" I used to love to write.  I have all sorts of ideas on fashion and even though I'm not exactly organized, believe it or not, when I set my mind to organization, I'm pretty darn good at it.  I'm not good at KEEPING things organized, but that's a whole different blog post! *I like to blame this on the fact that I have four boys, one husband, and far too many animals, but it's really because I prefer to relax, read books, and browse Pinterest.  

So, maybe I should start a blog! Maybe I could share with you how I style certain pieces and why I style them the way I do.  My body shape and size may be exactly like yours or it may not be.  Regardless, we're all doing the same thing.  We are creating the illusion of an hour glass figure.  Okay, some of you actually have one, but more often than not, we see something about our figures that just doesn't seem to work on us like it seems to on everyone else.  

It's like taking a picture of your favorite actress's hairstyle to your stylist.  You have to know that you probably can't get her exact hair, but you can modify it to work for you.  Fashion is the same way.  I see styles that I know just won't look good on me, but I can make it work.  I want to help you see things the same way.  

What are some of your biggest fashion frustrations? Do you think you've learned your body style so well that you now just stick with what you know? OR do you keep trying new things? Let's start playing with fashion together and find ways to create a simple, trendy, and comfortable closet. 

P.S. I hope you're still trying new things! 

Photo Caption: I'm wearing white skinny jeans with an asymmetrical frayed hem.  I'm also wearing the Bells and Whistles top, which in person looks like a shorter cropped shirt.  It works well for me because I have a short torso and don't like to tuck tops in.  It hits me just perfectly to actually lengthen my torso and the skinny jeans help create a more balanced look.  See... magical illusions! 

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