Allure - Save the Girls Clutch


Stop pulling your phone out of your purse, getting germs all over it, and dropping it on the floor (who wants to have to buy a new one?!).  And... for the love!!! Stop putting in your bra near your precious "girls"!! Save the Girls has created a touch screen purse / clutch that allows you to put your phone in and leave it in! You can dial, check your email and social media / you can even shop the Shack all with your phone still protected in your new clutch! 


We have the Allure in multiple colors.  This bag is practically all you need!! It has 12 credit card slots, 4 pockets, and a coin purse.  It comes with both a wrist strap AND a shoulder / across the body strap.  Plus, it's got a cute little side tassle.  You are going to LOVE these purses. BUT, best of all... 10% of STG proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer Research! Grab a bag and let's all work towards saving the girls!!