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Wabi Whiffs - Toilet Bombs


When the concentrated Wabi Whiffs bombs contact the toilet bowl water, the sprinkles effervesce as they dissolve, creating a Dome of Protection.  The essential oils form a fragrant film combined with color and glitter on top of the water.  The Dome of Protection traps the odors and releases beautiful aromas which eliminate the stench and keep you the Boss of your No. 2. 

Why you need these...

1. They're so much more fun than a spray. 

2. The mini heart shaped bombs are made with natural essential oils, biodegradable glitter, and cosmetic, non-staining color. 

3. Discreet, convenient, and work instantly. 

4. No spray left on the toilet seat. 

5. Septic safe (code for "Yes, it's safe to flush!"

6. Great for offices, hospitals, community environments, shared bathrooms.  Ideal for relationships! 

7. Relieves poo anxiety. 

8. Contains only the good stuff.  Never tested on animals. 

*No Alcohol *No Phthalates * No Aerosol *No Formaldehyde *No Parabens * No Synthetic Frangrances